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A Brief Description of 5 YouTube Alternatives.

YouTube attracts almost over a billion viewers over a period of 30 days. It is one of the most used social media platforms to upload and watch videos. Thanks to the growth of technology, you can now advertise your business on several video channels. YouTube, when used as a form of advertising, can reach the target audience in the targeted location, interests, etc. As compared to other marketing alternatives, YouTube has proven to be the channel that reaches many viewers.There are other alternatives for YouTube where internet users can upload, watch or download videos; such as UGETube, Vevo, Twitch Tv, and several others.  Each platform has its pros and cons, and its share of viewers. We look at 5 YouTube alternatives available today.

Let's start with Vimeo.  This channel offers a platform for professionals to showcase their work. It provides video hosting services for free up to an absolute limit where the user pays specified amounts after hitting the limit.  The best advantage with Vimeo is that it does not contain ads, therefore, there are minimum interruptions when streaming video. Users are able to view the video content without interruptions.

Metacafe is also another alternative for YouTube. It came into existence before YouTube. Metacafe specializes in short clips where video content makers are able to upload short clips. It is a good channel for internet users looking to enjoy short funny clips of all sorts. You can click for more info here.

Alternative three is Daily Motion. It allows viewers to discover their favorite videos. Just like YouTube, it has a section where they display all the trending videos, as well as new videos which have been uploaded.

Vevo is also another platform for watching videos. However, Vevo offers only music uploads and not any other content. If you are looking for other types of video content like geographic clips, movies, series, etc. then Vevo is not for you. Only artist can upload videos of their music in this channel, therefore, limiting any other video creator to upload any video. Here's a good read about UGETube,  check it out!

Another YouTube alternative is Twitch. It is a favorite to many who like gaming videos. It also allows viewers to watch live video broadcast. Viewers can interact with the gamers during the live broadcast. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference. 

As a video content creator, the essential thing to understand is the terms of every video channel you refer to use. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the channel before uploading a video to avoid violating the rules.
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